EIT Food Aquaculture Innovation Webinar

Organised by EIT Food

In light of the upcoming launch of EIT Food’s open innovation call, EIT Food North-West will host an aquaculture-themed webinar, to encourage the submission of aquaculture project proposals.

This will be an opportunity for attendees to explore EIT Food’s priorities in sustainable aquaculture and learn how to submit an aquaculture project proposal as part of EIT Food’s upcoming open innovation call.

Why should I attend?

Discover the benefits of participating in EIT Food’s open innovation call and how to apply
Learn about EIT Food’s aquaculture mission and the types of industry challenges that we want you to help us to overcome
Hear from EIT Food partners who have led successful aquaculture projects and ask them questions about their experience

Who can attend?

Any person or organisation with an interest in sustainable aquaculture
This includes academia, researchers, professionals, large companies, SMEs, startups and industry experts from within and outside of the EIT Food community

Event Speakers

Mercedes Groba, Innovation Manager at EIT Food
Mark Chryssolouris, CEO of SuSea
Paul Sindilariu, Co-Founder of Next Tuna
Sarah Riddle, Director of Innovation & Engagement at SAIC (TBC)