AFTP Course - Food Flavour

Organised by AFTP

The Food Flavour course covers both analytical chemistry and flavourist style approaches to explore how flavours can be generated, analysed, delivered and commercially exploited.

The course is ideal for product developers and new or experienced scientists wanting to understand the science and application of flavour technology.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding
-To learn about experimental flavour design in the context of sensory evaluation and appropriate statistical techniques for sensory data

Intellectual skills
- To develop the ability to use a range of statistical outputs on flavour to interpret and summarise data to solve problems.

Practical skills
- To develop the ability to utilise a range of software for analysis of flavour and sensory data. Transferable/keys skills
- To develop the ability to analyse and present sensory data, and to communicate flavour clearly and concisely in written form


Photograph courtesy of FDF