AFTP Course - Livestock Nutrition and Feeding

Organised by AFTP

This course will introduce you to the role of farmed livestock in agricultural systems, and the importance of feed in managing the nutritional requirements of different classes of livestock.  You will explore the variety of livestock feeds, including their manufacture and issues of food safety, and develop an understanding of how these can be used to meet the nutritional requirements of different livestock. Additionally, you will develop the ability to formulate diets for specific livestock, and the role of the feed industry in meeting these requirements.

This course would be particularly useful to those working in the livestock or feed industries, but also for producers or retailers looking to increase their understanding of their supply chain. 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

- Critically evaluate the role of feed and nutrition in the maintenance of livestock health and performance
- Critically appraise the challenges and opportunities that face the livestock feed industry
- Demonstrate an ability to formulate diets for different classes of livestock
- Use appropriate tools to identify reliable information and literature on a given topic
- Communicate research findings clearly
- Demonstrate good academic practice in the use, citation and referencing of source material