AFTP Course - Environmental Impacts of My Food Products

Organised by AFTP

There is increasing demand for data on the environmental impacts of food production, from agriculture to retail. Producers may participate in retailers’ schemes for measuring a collective “Carbon Footprint” or be keen to reduce their own. As pressure on precious water resources increases, the “Water Footprint” gets more attention, but is not well understood. The choices of how food products are grown and processed cause substantially differing environmental impacts both in the UK and overseas.

Increasing sustainability is a mantra for producers, processors and retailers, who each face the question: How can I rate my product and improve it? The course will thus set out the principles of how to measure the life cycle carbon and water footprints of food products and what you can do with them.

This course is for all managers in agrifood businesses, sustainability staff in the agrifood value chain, agrifood consultants who may need to apply the techniques of carbon or water foot printing or need to understand these matters to make informed (policy) choices.

On successful completion of this course the participants should be able to:

- Understand the principles of the assessment of carbon and water footprints of food products.
- Understand what value they have in improving the environmental performance of the agrifood sector and what limits they have.