Health and Sustainability Challenges for the Baking Industry Seminar

Organised by Campden BRI

Health and sustainability are hot topics for the baking industry, which is facing increasing pressure from consumers and authorities regarding the nutritional value and sustainability of its products.

Consumers are demanding sustainable ingredients and alternative packaging. Ingredients, such as palm oil, need to be sourced and utilised in an ethical and sustainable way. Additionally, the food industry needs to develop strategies to reduce the use of scarce resources such as phosphate.

Research has established the importance of dietary fibre for gut health and there has been an increasing demand from industry for accurate and reliable methods to determine fibre properties and quantities.

This seminar will discuss approaches to address diet, health and sustainability challenges. Delegates will receive an overview of current health and sustainability challenges from industry experts and academia. They will hear about:

● the latest research on gut health and fibre determination
● developments in sustainability throughout the supply chain
● insight into novel ingredient solutions
● challenges regarding palm oil and approaches to tackle them
● how to improve the nutritional value of bakery products in a sustainable way

This seminar provides an opportunity to network with other professionals from the industry and will be of interest to bakers, product developers, nutritionists, environmentalists, students and anyone interested in health and sustainability.

Who should attend?
Bakeries (craft and industrial), product developers, students, nutritionists, environmentalists and anyone with an interest in health and sustainability.