AFTP Course - Diet, Food and the Nation's Health

Organised by AFTP

Diet, Food and the Nation’s Health will explore all of the major diet related health issues facing Wester Society in 2019, and will provide an introduction to, and knowledge of, the nutritional state of the nation and the role of diet in health and in acute and chronic disease.

The UK faces several pressing concerns when it comes to public health. Growing problems with obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are just some of the conditions that have severe ramifications for individual health, and the associated costs to society at large. While we understand more about the genetic and epigenetic causes of these conditions than ever before, we are also increasingly aware that diet and nutrition are crucial components of an individual’s risk for these (and other) health concerns.

The situation is complicated by the recent explosion of nutritional advice, specialised diets and products aimed at ‘healthy’ eating. The sheer volume of information can make it difficult to assess what the best approach is, particularly when ‘healthy’ can be an ambiguous term in this discourse, and much advice is either contradictory or based on a misapprehension of scientific evidence.