FlavourTalk raw materials exhibition and conference

Organised by Flavour Horizons

Flavour Horizons is pleased to announce that the FlavourTalk Raw Materials Exhibition and Conference will be held in St Olaf’s Chapel at the Barbizon Palace Hotel, Amsterdam on 11-12th March 2020 in association with the British Society of Flavourists. 

Over the course of one day, the Exhibition (11th March) will provide a unique insight into EU naturals, flavouring substances, extracts, essential oils, flavour modifiers, innovative materials produced using biotechnology and other ingredients useful in formulating new flavourings, opening the doors to the next generation flavour creations. 

The Conference (12 March) entitled Natural Flavours – Innovations, Technologies and Authenticity will address novel production methods, market opportunities, regulation and authenticity of natural flavouring substances and extracts. The keynote speaker is Professor Jens Schrader, Executive Director of DECHEMA Research Institute (DFI), Germany, who will discuss Biotechnology and the future of flavour production.

More information available on Flavour Horizons website.