Food Processing Group

The Food Processing Group provides members interested in matters related to manufacturing, technology and equipment with an opportunity to engage and share knowledge with others.

It has a broad scope, covering all areas related to engineering, manufacturing, continuous improvement as well as equipment (materials and hygienic design). It also considers topics such as preservation, robotic and artificial intelligence (AI), and will contribute to relevant publications.

They will be involved in a wide range of activities, including face to face events, webinars and discussion workshops, to engage IFST members, share ideas and knowledge, and support the food sector.

Chair: Chris Edwards

Vice-Chair: Claire Goring

Events: Debra Smith

Secretary: Mariella Barra

Other members of the committee: Teresa Ennis, Caron Lacey, Simon Langley, Craig Leadley, Peter Sadd, Mark Swainson.


Upcoming events
IFST Impact Award

We value the important contribution that volunteers bring to the work and life of the Institute. Without the contribution of the volunteers who serve on committees, branches and special interest groups, we would find it difficult to achieve the strategic priorities set out by the Board of Trustees. The Impact Award is an opportunity for volunteers to showcase an innovative activity which has been undertaken which meets the following criteria.

  1. Is new and has been undertaken in the last 12 months which delivers measurable impact to any/any/all IFSTs strategic priorities, or
  2. Is an existing activity which has undergone an adaptation or change in order to deliver an enhanced impact linked to any/all of IFSTs strategic priorities, and which 
  3. Is scalable and sustainable. 

Previous winners:

2020 IFST Northern Ireland Branch and Eastern Branch 

2019 IFST Student Group

2018 IFST Student Group

2017 IFST Sensory Science Group

Find out more about the previous winners, entry criteria and submissions here.

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Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are each run by a small committee of volunteer members, who meet both face-to-face and virtually. Members of a group are actively involved in organising and attending meetings in relation to setting up activities, events etc., as part of a committee. The groups are supported by the IFST central team, including the Scientific Affairs Manager, and provide excellent networking opportunities and support to group members.

If you would like to get involved as a member of our Food Processing Group committee, please contact us.