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IFST Food Science and Nutrition Group

The Food Science & Nutrition Group focuses on the interface between food science and nutritional science, particularly the impact of nutrition on food processing, including reformulation, nutritional supplements and micronutrients. It provides members, with an interest in food science and human nutrition, the opportunity to engage and share knowledge with fellow members. It is a unique group in that it is led by IFST members but also collaborates with members from Nutrition Society, Association for Nutrition (AfN), and more recently Nutritionists in Industry.

The Committee is made up of professionals from manufacturing and retail, as well as consultants and academia, and organises popular evening discussion workshops. These events generally take the format of four succinct, informative sessions followed by a highly interactive but structured Q&A session. Speakers include experts from industry, as well as from other organisations, such as British Nutrition Foundation (BNF). The meetings are typically chaired by the Head of UK Diet and Health Policy at Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and cover such aspects as: consumer insights, technical challenges, new technologies, as well as provide a useful overview and update of the current climate.

2018 event highlights:

  • ‘What is a 'Pinch' of Salt?’
  • 'Vitamins & Minerals - Small but Mighty!’
  • ‘Fibre: the rough with the smooth’
Meet the Food Science and Nutrition Group Committee

Our Food Science and Nutrition Group aims to provide IFST members with regular information as well as organise regular thought provoking events.

This is a unique Steering Group as it is made up of members from IFST, Nutrition Society and Association for Nutritionists.

Chair: Lindsey Bagley

Other members: Anne Betty, Barbara Bray, Terri Grassby, Simon Kane, Hayley Marson, Nicola Stanley, Emma Williams

Collaboration members: 

Nutrition Society - Kate Halliwell 

Association for Nutrition - Katherine Appleton 

Lindsey Bagley (FIFST) has formal science qualifications and a career spanning over 35 years as a hands-on product and process developer in the food & healthcare industries. She is expert in formulation and manufacture of products and has been responsible for the launch of over 450 retail products, 30 new ingredients and her work has supported over 20 patents.

Anne Betty (MIFST) is a freelance registered nutritionist in the food industry and is also part of the food labelling & specifications team at Micron2. She has over 20 years of experience gained in a variety of technical roles across manufacturing and retailing including Company Nutritionist for the Co-op.

Barbara Bray (MIFST) is a registered nutritionist and food safety consultant driving and delivering food safety in food supply chains and improving nutritional quality of recipes and menus in the foodservice sector. Barbara is a director of the Oxford Farming Conference, the leading international conference held in the UK for farming and agribusiness and also sits on The Nutrition Society’s Training Academy committee.

Dr Terri Grassby (MIFST) is a Lecturer in Food Science at the University of Surrey. Her research interests are focused on plant polysaccharides (such as cellulose, hemicelluloses and pectins) and their effects on the digestibility of nutrients and food texture. She uses in vivo and in vitro experimental approaches.

Dr Hayley Marson (MIFST) joined Morrisons as Company Nutritionist in 2018 to develop and deliver an integrated nutrition policy. Before joining Morrisons, Hayley's career spans 20+ years working in a variety of nutrition and food science related roles across academia, manufacturing, retail and public health.

Dr Nicola Stanley (MIFST) has over 20 years of experience of researching people and their interactions with products and brands. Her foundation is in Food Science and she went on to receive a PhD in the sensory and physical dimensions required for the perception of ‘creaminess’ in low-fat products.  She has worked both agency-side and client-side and is currently a consultant.

Dr Emma Williams (MIFST) is a retail nutritionist with a BSc in Food Technology/Management and a Doctorate in Human Nutrition, alongside over 20 years of experience in food science and nutrition including, food manufacturing/laboratory management (dairy science); academic research; university lecturing; clinical research and science communication. She is a current Chair of UK Nutritionists in Industry (NII) group.

Reports from past events


23 October IFST Food Science & Nutrition Group: 'Flexitarian to vegan: nutritional impacts of lifestyle choices' (Pending) 
25 June Sweeteners: The Next Level


17 October

What is a 'Pinch' of Salt?

24 May

Vitamins and Minerals - Small but Mighty!


11 October Fibre: the Rough with the Smooth


20 September

The Big Fat Debate

26 February

Sugars: Friends or Foe?

Other events of interest 


16 November The Big Next Things in Food Science and Nutrition 
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