Technical Visit to Starkey’s Fruit Farm - November 2018

On a typical autumn day we visited Starkey's Fruit Ltd, near Southwell, Notts; the home of the original Bramley apple tree. Starkeys nowadays grow a lot of soft fruit, (about 1000 tons a year), but still have orchards and will produce about 100 tons of apples this year. The harvest had nearly finished (just Braeburns left to pick), but Suzannah Starkey took us into the Bramley orchard where a few remained on the trees, to show us how the orchard is laid out, and explain the life cycle of an apple tree. 

We also a chance to look at what Starkeys do in terms of added value. Suzannah took us around the small juicing plant, and we tasted the difference between freshly squeezed and pasteurised juice. She talked about other products they produce such as Bramley Apple Compote, Cider, Apple Crisps, Apple Cider Vinegar. Fascinating insight into a small operation but with plenty of passion and energy.