Raising awareness of IFST at University of Leeds

Being an IFST student member is a fantastic way to network, gain opportunities and continually learn about the food industry. Daisy, a University Representative, did a fantastic job raising the IFST profile at the University of Leeds. Well done Daisy!

To promote IFST, I held a stall at my student’s union at the University of Leeds. With the help of a couple of course mates, I baked a marble cake tray bake and made a poster to advertise the event, which was distributed to students’ emails.

The event was successful in raising awareness of the benefits of joining IFST, which was particularly fitting as the majority of students attending the stand were beginning applications for a year in industry. As well as giving out leaflets, and taking about competitions and events, I used this opportunity to make a questionnaire to find out what people at the university were most interested in taking part in. This will help me plan events for next year, such as talks and trips, and gives me the opportunity to contact interested students much more easily.

Daisy Akgönüllü, University of Leeds

We hope this sparks interest from some of our current University Representatives - we’d love to hear what you get up to at your Universities. Let us know!