Event Proceedings - Sensory Science Discussion Group: Getting the Context Right for Sensory and Consumer testing

2 November 2017 - Organised by IFST's Sensory Science Group

Valid sensory and consumer testing usually requires some thought and planning about context. Place, time, ambience, meal setting, social situation, personal mood, etc. can all be important. This discussion group explored how and why context is important and in which ways methods are being developed and adapted to refer to or recreate real-life contexts.


Carol Raithatha

Carol Raithatha, Research Consultant, Carol Raithatha Ltd

Carol is the director of Carol Raithatha Ltd. a UK-based consultancy specialising in sensory evaluation, product testing, desk and B2B research in the food & drink and related industries. Carol is a Fellow of the IFST and a member of the SSG committee and events working group, Secretary of the IFST Eastern region branch, and a member of the IFST consultancy group. Carol has written several relevant publications including ‘Multi-sensory design’ and ‘Making it Real – Improving Ecological Validity of Sensory and Consumer Testing’ in the Flavour Horizons journal. In addition, Carol recently gave a presentation on in context testing at the FlavourTalk 2017 conference in Amsterdam.

Presentation: To control or not control?