IFST Food Law Group event: 'Asking the right questions: theory and practice' - Speaker Presentations

Organised by IFST's Food Law Group

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been working for a few years on its ‘Regulating Our Future’ project, looking first at the processes for food business registration and subsequent checks by enforcement agencies and now reviewing the processes for enforcing food standards. This event provided an update on both areas of work by the FSA, with an overview of the progress and benefits of the new registration process and a summary of the ongoing work on food standards. 

Speaker Presentations

Regulating Our Future: New business registration process and other incoming changes
Beverley Küster, Head of Enhanced Registration, Regulatory Compliance Division, Food Standards Agency

Regulating Our Future: Update on the food standards programme 
Nathan Philippo, Head of Segmentation and Standards, Food Standards Agency 

Regulating Our Future: Putting theory into practice
David Pickering, Trading Standards Manager, Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards

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