IFST Food Safety Group event - 'Delivering a positive food safety culture - a practical approach' - Speaker Presentations

Organised by IFST's Food Safety Group

In recognition of UN World Food Safety Day, IFST’s Food Safety Group organised a Food Safety Culture event. A strong food safety culture will ensure that good practice is not only understood but more importantly being followed.  Real food safety is what happens when managers and supervisors are not present, and individuals are left to their own devices. This is a real challenge to every link of the international food supply chain.There is a new appreciation that understanding food safety cultural drivers is a useful addition to the food safety toolbox of training, audit, and testing and risk management. Appreciation of effective management of behavioural interactions is essential to develop positive attitudes and the necessary behavioural changes to drive food safety.

Between them, Sterling Crew and Denis Treacy have over 60 years’ experience in the food supply chain and they shared their practical experience on the challenges of delivering a positive food safety culture.

Speaker Presentations

Food Safety Culture: Behavioural science and accreditation  
Sterling Crew, Chair of IFST Food Safety Group

Food Safety Culture: Practical application examples
Denis Treacy, Chief Technical Officer, Culture Compass Ltd.

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