IFST South East Branch Lecture on Personalised Nutrition

Organised by IFST's South East Branch

The event started with an overview of the South East branch's activities from November 2017 - November 2018.

Followed by three presentations aimed at examining important issues for the future of food science and nutrition.

The main presentation was by Michelle Barrow on "Transforming Personalised Nutrition Practice". She discussed her PhD research to construct validated clinical tools which can enable the development of a new evidence base for personalised nutrition practice in obesity management. 

Speaker Presentations

'Alternative proteins to face future needs: Inclusion of Cricket powder in cereal-based products'
Devon Petrie, 
Lecturer in Baking Technology, London South Bank University

'Bowels and Brains'
Adri Bester, MSc RSCi RFAM RFoodSM MIFST, Senior Food Technologist | Enterprise Lead for the School of Applied Sciences, London South Bank University | Lead Academic LAFIC 

'Transforming Personalised Nutrition Practice'
Michelle Barrow, BSc (Hons) MSc, QTLLS, Head of Education at the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM)