'IFST Advances in Food Science' book series

IFST Advances in Food Science is a series of books dedicated to the most important and popular topics in food science and technology, highlighting major developments across all sectors of the global food industry. Each volume is a detailed and in-depth edited work, featuring contributions by recognized international experts, and which focuses on new developments in the field. Taken together, the series forms a comprehensive library of the latest food science research and practice and provides valuable insights into the food processing techniques that are essential to the understanding and development of this rapidly evolving industry.

The IFST Advances series is edited by Dr Brijesh Tiwari, Senior Lecturer in Food Engineering at the Department of Food and Consumer Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

All titles can be purchased through Wiley-Blackwell's website. IFST members receive 20% off all titles. For the promotional code, please see the bottom of the page (members must be logged in to access).

Current titles:

Food Processing By-Products and their Utilization, edited by Anil K. Anal (November 2017) 

Innovative Technologies in Beverage Processing, edited by Ingrid Aguilo-Aguayo and Lucia Plaza (July 2017) 

Ultrasound in Food Processing: Recent Advances, edited by Mar Villamiel, Jose García-Pérez, Antonia Montilla, Juan Cárcel, and Jose Benedito (May 2017) 

Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing, edited by Enda Cummins and James Lyng (December 2016) 

Tropical Roots and Tubers, edited by Harish Sharma, Nicolas Njintang, Rekha Singhal and Pragati Kaushal (November 2016) 

Emerging Dairy Processing Technologies, edited by Nivedita Datta and Peggy Tomasula (June 2015)

Nutraceutical and Functional Food Processing Technology, edited by Joyce Irene Boye (January 2015)

Seafood Processing: Technology, Quality and Safety, edited by Ioannis S. Boziaris (January 2014)

Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants: Processing, Health Benefits and Safety (June 2020)

Innovative Processing Technologies for Healthy Grains, edited by Milica Pojic and Uma Tiwari (December 2020)

Oil and OIlseed Processing: Opportunities and Challenges, edited by Tomas Lafarga, Gloria Bobo, and Ingrid Aguilo-Aguayo (April 2021)

Food Formulation: Novel Ingredients and Processing Techniques, edited by Shivani Pathania, Brijesh K. Tiwari (February 2021)

Recent Advances in Micro- and Macroalgal Processing: Food and Health Perspectives, edited by Gaurav Rajauria, Yvonne V. Yuan (April 2021)