Sustainable Food System

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With the government’s Food and Farming plan further delayed by the election, there is still no clear indication of any policies that will progress the UK to a more sustainable food system, one that encompasses the aspects of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The complexity of the food system means that a ‘systems’ (or ‘joined up’) approach is necessary if effective policy responses are to be developed by business and government. Then need is great; growing environmental pressures, including climate change, soil degradation, disruption of water cycles, expanding pathogen ranges and increasing regularity of extreme weather events, coupled with population growth and migration impact on and will continue to affect the food system.

What IFST is doing about it

IFST has published a report on Sustainable Food Systems, which provides a framework for future activities and partnerships, to focus our efforts in what is an extremely large topic area. We recognise the valuable ongoing work by many organisations in this area and wish to engage where we can add the most value. If you or your organisation is interested in partnering with us in any of the areas discussed in the report, please contact John Bassett (

The report and more on our policy on a Sustainable Food System is available here.

IFST has signed the Courtauld Agreement initiated by WRAP and is committed to supporting WRAP in the activities that are progressing under this agreement. 

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