SALSA - HACCP training for Small and Micro Businesses

A thorough understanding of HACCP is absolutely essential for a food business, as it leads to the production of safe food products and is required for SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) certification.  For small businesses, developing an HACCP plan can be quite difficult, as they often lack the resources and experience of a large company.  Many of the issues that arise during SALSA audits of small businesses are related to the understanding and application of HACCP.  As a result, SALSA has developed a new HACCP training course aimed to provide small and micro businesses with the knowledge required to develop and implement an effective HACCP plan.

The SALSA HACCP training is an initiative designed to support to small and micro businesses.  A project team, comprised of carefully chosen SALSA auditors and mentors, has developed two practical training courses with supplemental materials.  While similar in terms of content, each course is designed for a specific audience.  Level 1 – HACCP awareness is aimed at staff who require an awareness of food safety and an understanding of their role in applying the company’s HACCP plan.  Level 2 – HACCP understanding is aimed at those responsible for the development or application of the HACCP plan in their business.

In order to provide the most beneficial learning experience, the courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.  Tutors are selected based on their expertise and practical experience in the subject.  As the courses are highly interactive, participants will be expected to come prepared with background information about their business and relevant examples and case studies will be used throughout the training.  There will be an assessment at the end of the course, either based on continuous assessment by the tutor or a multiple choice examination, and if successful, participants will gain a nationally recognised food industry qualification accredited by IFST.

As the market for local products continues to grow, SALSA plays an increasing role in providing small businesses with the support needed to reach and maintain high food standards.

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