We have set out our challenges for Brexit on maintaining access to skills, research funding and collaboration to ensure a competitive and innovative food system. Specifically, we have called for:

  • A fit-for purpose legislative framework
  • Research funding of an appropriate level to drive scientific discovery and innovation
  • Government, academia and industry UK food system to have access to appropriate skills in food science and technology
  • Supply of sufficient, safe, affordable, nutritious and sustainable food

For more information on any of these areas, including details of IFST activities, please select one of the areas below. Please note that this information is based on external reports and is highly uncertain and likely to change. Please seek appropriate legal advice before acting on any information contained here.

Brexit and Legislative Framework

Brexit and Research Funding

Brexit and Access to Skills

Brexit and Sustainable Food Supply

We see that there are potential opportunities in food innovation post-Brexit. In July 2018, IFST’s John Bassett spoke of some of these and the need for businesses to prepare at Food Manufacture's Food Safety Conference. At that stage not striking a deal appeared remote; for more information on a ‘no-deal' scenario, visit our no-deal resources page.

We would also like to hear from members and other food science professionals with their views on how we can ensure we maximise the opportunities and minimise the disruption from leaving the EU. If you would like to share these views, write an opinion piece, or have any other comments, please contact Rachel Ward, our Scientific Policy Director.