Visit to Bakkavor Meals Park Royal

Bakkavor MealsOur visit to Bakkavor Meals in Park Royal was a great success. There was a good variety in background of the attendees, from students to retirees and industry professionals to members of local government.

The day started with an overview of the business and history of the site, this was followed by a great factory tour starting where ingredients arrived and finishing with finished samosas, bhajis and pakoras going out the other end. It was great to learn all about the sort of controls that are required to manage high quality and safe food on a large scale within a large retailer own brand business. During the factory tour attendees even got the chance to try and make some of their own samosas, a skill which proved quite difficult for most members including myself! Afterwards we were treated to our very own quality control panel where all sorts of delicious cooked snacks were made available to review and compare with the detailed quality parameters set out by the site.

We are hugely grateful to the Bakkavor team who’s energy and knowledge really did make the day.