What is it like to study Food Science across the globe?

It is great to network and connect with Food Science students from across the globe, but Food Science courses can differ a lot from country to country. Read below to see what it means to study Food Science in America and Australia.

Ariel Garsow - America

My name is Ariel Garsow. I am pursuing a Masters’ degree in food science and technology from The Ohio State University. During this two-year program, I am conducting research on the effectiveness of ozone removal of an industry relevant biofilm from stainless steel pipes. I am also taking classes. I was a teaching assistant last semester. I will be writing about the research findings in a thesis and presenting this information to the food science community.

Millie Shinfield - Australia 

I completed a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science (with Honours, a stepping stone to PhD similar to Masters), at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. First Year included broad spectrum of science including studying biology, nutrition, chemistry and statistics. This gradually evolved in Second and Third years to become more food-processing specific, and during Honours I undertook a self-driven food technology research project. Our courses really integrated scientific theory and food production. For example, we made a variety of artisan cheeses, whilst studying detailed food chemistry principles of the ingredients and processes. We studied Food Engineering and made beer; simultaneously about learning technical components such as valves, machinery types and functions, and automated manufacturing systems. Research and development projects were undertaken with industry partners from concept to benchtop prototype, and compulsory work placement built upon our knowledge whilst creating connections in fields of our interest. These connections actually landed me my first full-time industry role in Quality Assurance - a benefit to our degree that has a lasting impact on our careers. In the end, we graduated with a broad range of knowledge, ready to contribute to the booming Australian food industry - comprised of manufacturers who are intensely passionate about their products.