Present Yourself and Present Your Business

PRESENT YOURSELF AND PRESENT YOUR BUSINESS was an IFST Consultancy Group meeting hosted by the IFST Eastern Group at The Bull Hotel in Peterborough on Thursday, 5 October 2017.

The main speaker was Sarah Daniels, from The RedCat Partnership Ltd who presented ‘A foodies guide to social media - 8 key ingredients’. Sarah gave the group some entertaining and pragmatic advice about how to use social media to help achieve business objectives.  Being current and consistent were among the points mentioned, but also it is important to enjoy yourself and be human!

After a networking break there were a series of short presentations from consultants and local businesses on topical issues for food businesses:

The presentations demonstrated the variety and importance of consultancy and training to the UK food and drink industry, and how IFST consultants can work with businesses to deliver safe, authentic, correctly labelled and high-quality product; all within a sustainable business model.

All agreed it was a fun and useful evening – to be repeated soon!

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