Food and Drink - Good Manufacturing Practice: A Guide to its Responsible Management (6th edition), 2013

Paperback; ISBN 978-1-1183-1820-1; 263pp

Over nearly 30 years IFST’s Good Manufacturing Practice Guide has widely been recognised as an indispensable reference work for food scientists and technologists. This 6th edition has been completely revised and updated to include all the latest standards and guidance, especially with regard to legislation-driven areas such as HACCP.

The ever-increasing interest amongst consumers, retailers and enforcement authorities in the conditions and practices in food manufacture and distribution, increases the need for the food manufacturer to operate within clearly defined policies such as those laid down in GMP. The ability to demonstrate that Good Manufacturing Practice has been fully and effectively implemented could, in the event of a consumer complaint or a legal action, reduce the manufacturer’s liability and protect them from prosecution.

The guide is a must have for anyone in a managerial or technical capacity concerned with the manufacture, storage and distribution of food and drink. It is also a valuable reference for food education, training and for those involved in food safety and enforcement.

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