IFST Education Strategy Aims

The aim of the IFST Education Strategy is to increase awareness of career opportunities in food science and food technology; supporting via:

  • Excellence – support for food science/technology education to enhance learning and teaching;
  • Equity – supporting the diversity of people taking food science/technology-related courses, training and work and specifically tackling targeted action to improve participation in further education courses and apprenticeships whilst minimising barriers to access for those that fall within protected characteristics;
  • Inspiration – Creating networks of positive role models, mentors and coaches to inspire children and young people to make informed choices about food science/technology study and careers;
  • Connections – delivering up-to-date advice and information on careers; increasing the responsiveness of colleges, universities and apprenticeship programmes to the needs of the food science/technology sector. Supported via the Love Food Love Science website which will be redeveloped in 2022 to enable young people, educators, HEI students, and stakeholders to discover, access and utilise relevant and engaging resources.