IFST Eastern Branch & UK:IE EHEDG Conference: 'Hygienic design in food processing environments' - Conference Proceedings

The organisers brought together a range of experts who provided up to date information on new and best practice hygienic design for the production environment. The conference gave attendees an overview on the latest thinking on hygienic design and the important role it plays in the production of safe food.

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Eric Partington, Chair EHEDG UK:IE
Dirk Nikoleiski, Senior Food Safety Specialist, CF Sanitation
Dr Roland Cocker, EHEDG Trainer
Professor John Holah, Technical Director, Holchem Laboratories Ltd
Daniel Carrigan, Group Auditor, Samworth Brothers
James Blair, CPW Corporate Food Safety Leader, Nestle and General Mills
Andrea Paoli, Principal Lecturer (Food Robotics and Process Automation), NCFM