Guidance for Educators | Food Allergens

We have compiled this set of trusted educational resources to support teaching and training about food allergens.

IFST Resources

Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Food Standards Scotland (FSS)

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)


  • Short e-seminar intended to familiarise the viewer with the concepts of food allergen risk assessment and specifically with the risks from unintended allergen presence.
  • Food Allergens Risk Assessment Part 2
    • This e-seminar was compiled by Benjamin C Remington, PhD, and follows on from the e-seminar, “An Introduction to Food Allergen Risk Assessment"
  • Risk Management for Food Allergy (2014): book developed by a team of scientists and industry professionals who understand the importance of allergen risk assessment and presents practical, real-world guidance for food manufacturers. Edited by C Bernhard Madsen, R Crevel, C Mills, S Taylor ISBN 978-0-12-381988-8 Elsevier Inc. Academic Press 
  • Gluten-free legislation: Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 828/2014: on the requirements for the provision of information to consumers on the absence or reduced presence of gluten in food 

Government Chemist (LGC)

Allergy Action

  • Allergy Action provides information to help allergic people choose food and  travel safely as well as advice and training in food allergen risk management 

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Allergy UK