Guidance for Policy Makers | Sustainability

As achieving sustainability requires businesses and industry connecting with external influences, to evaluate their products and operations, industrial policy will play a role in facilitating such an adjustment. The goal of these resources is to create greater understanding, and inter-connectedness, between environmental and industrial policy, as well as also encouraging businesses to play their role in achieving sustainable development.

Resource risks and pressures. Risk reduction (mitigated/ unmitigated). Materiality assessments. Unintended consequences/impacts of sustainability goals.          

 Healthy sustainable diet         

Circular economy and sustainable manufacturing including Net Zero and food waste/plastic

Novel production systems and ingredients    

Decent work and equitable trade        

Transparency, traceability and trust

Eco labelling and sustainability certification program(s) (International recognised and association voluntary standard)

[N.B. The following certification scheme show how some large organisations have designed and published their outputs. These are simply provided as examples and do not signify endorsement by IFST]