About IFST

We are the UK’s leading professional body for those involved in all aspects of food science and technology. We are an internationally respected independent membership body, supporting food professionals through knowledge sharing and professional recognition.

Our core aim is the advancement of food science and technology based on impartial science and knowledge sharing.

Our membership comprises individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, from students to experts, working across a wide range of disciplines within the sector.

We are a registered charity (no 1121681) and a company limited by guarantee (no 930776).

Charitable Object

The Object for which we are established is the general advancement and application of food science and technology for the benefit, safety and health of the public.

Our Mission

Is to act as the voice of the profession by:

  • Facilitating the development and sharing of knowledge underlying food science and technology and its application;
  • Providing an independent, representative and responsive voice on food science and technology issues on behalf of those working in the sector – whether in academia, business, education, research or Government Departments and Agencies;
  • Establishing, promoting and advancing professional development and professional standards and ethics for those working in any way within the field of food science and technology;
  • Encouraging the highest calibre new entrants to the sector through the promotion of food science and technology as an exciting, worthwhile and aspirational career path.

Our Vision

To be respected by and engaged with our relevant stakeholder communities as the UK’s leading food science & technology professional body.

Strategic Priorities

To achieve our vision, we will focus on the following six strategic priorities:

Priority 1 - Engagement through communications and knowledge sharing

We will strive to extend the sharing of relevant, accessible food science and technology knowledge amongst our members and chosen stakeholder groups.

Priority 2 – Influencing key stakeholders

We will increasingly use our unique, independent, evidence-based voice to influence key stakeholders on relevant food science and technology related topics.

Priority 3 - Professional standards and development

We will continue to grow our critical role in setting and accrediting professional standards for food scientists and technologists.

Priority 4 - Membership enrolment, participation and retention

We are committed to increasing the numbers of members in a balanced way across all categories of membership and encouraging members’ active participation in our activities to further their own career development and contribute to our activities.

Priority 5 - Careers and education support and promotion

We will strive to ensure that a stream of new talent enters the food profession and that students, together with their learning institutions, are actively engaged with and supported by us. We will also promote food science and technology as an excellent career option.

Priority 6 - Financial stability and sustainability

We will ensure we have sustainable income streams by commitment to priorities 1 to 5 above and by continuing to develop new products/services that meet the changing needs of members and the sector generally. These will all be underpinned by effective cost control and sound financial and risk management.