Vitamins and Minerals - Small but Mighty

Vitamins and Minerals are vital components of our diet. Because they are well researched, the majority of health claims allowed in Europe relate to this group of micronutrients. This interactive event brought together a panel of experts who explored various regulatory, health and food formulation issues related to vitamins and minerals in our diet. 

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Session 1: Paradox of plenty: can we really have concerns over micronutrient intake in the UK? 
Ayela Spiro, Nutrition Science Manager, British Nutrition Foundation 

Session 2: Regulatory issues/claims and the consumer
Jennifer Garry, Director, JG Nutrition and Regulatory Consultancy Ltd

Session 3: To Fortify or not to Fortify? 
Laura Street, Senior Nutrition Manager, Kelloggs

Session 4: Technical challenges of incorporating into foods
Lindsey Bagley, Eureka

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